Minagawa Junko

Haruka's Sailor Moon Crystal voice actress.

For the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal season three, Haruka will be voiced by Minagawa Junko. Minagawa-san has provided the voices for many popular anime and video game series including Yukihiro Ayaka (Negima!?), Cornelia Li Britannia (Code Geass), Joshua Christopher (Chrno Crusade), Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis). She has also released several character-related singles and has provided Japanese dubbing for a few US television series.

More information about Minagawa-san's performance as Haruka will come after season three of Sailor Moon Crystal has aired!

Ogata Megumi

Haruka's Japanese voice actress.

Ogata Megumi is a very well known and absolutely amazing voice actress and singer in Japan. She plays the role of Haruka in the original anime series (including the movies) and has performed nearly all of Haruka's image songs. She even went as far as writing and recording her own image songs for Haruka in the Sailor Stars season when she felt that the lyrics provided to her by Takeuchi Naoko did not reflect Haruka's character. These songs are included on her own music albums.

Ogata-san also played the role of Petz in the Sailor Moon R season, as well as a few minor one-shot characters. She has also played the roles of Ikari Shinji in Shin Seiki Evangelion, Tier Halibel in Bleach, Yue in Cardcaptor Sakura, Kurama in Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Lara Croft in the Japanese localization of 2013's Tomb Raider and various roles in many other anime series and games.

I love Ogata Megumi's performance as Haruka; her deep voice fits Haruka perfectly. Since Ogata-san often plays the roles of boys in many series, it really makes us believe that Haruka is a man when she first appears. I'm not sure if any other voice actor could really give Haruka that sense of masculinity while still remaining feminine. She manages to deliver a performance that is very true to the character.

Sarah Lafleur

Haruka's English voice actress.

Sarah Lafleur is a Canadian actress that is most well known for her live action roles in several North American television series. She played the role of Haruka ("Amara") in the Cloverway dub of Sailor Moon. Lafleur is quoted as saying she had absolutely no idea that Haruka and Michiru were in a relationship at all until she was recording the 6th or 7th episode.

As Haruka, Lafleur's performance is very flat and emotionless. Personally, I've never heard a more monotonous voice in my life. It almost sounds as if Lafleur is bored to tears in the soundbooth during recording, despite her saying in interviews that she had a lot of fun with the role. It doesn't seem to matter if she's having a regular conversation or witnessing the destruction of the world, she has the same flat tone at all times. She also sounds completely airheaded, which is quite unlike Haruka's actual character. The swave and aloof Haruka is changed into being a teeny bopper Amara.

Ohara Sayaka

Michiru's voice actress for Sailor Moon Crystal.

Ohara Sayaka will provide the voice for Sailor Neptune in the upcoming third season of Sailor Moon Crystal. Ohara-san is an award-winning actress well known for her roles as Ichihara Yuuko (xxxHolic), Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Hikawa Yuko (Angelic Layer), Milly Ashford (Code Geass), Margaret (Persona) and many, many more roles in both anime and video games. She has worked on several projects with Minagawa Junko and has also done several Japanese dubbing roles for various US television series and films.

After Sailor Moon Crystal's season three airs, more information about Ohara-san's role as Michiru will be added.

Katsuki Masako

Michiru's Japanese voice actress.

Katsuki Masako is also very well known for her voice acting and her localization for many North American actresses including Julianne Moore, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster and Meg Ryan. She is the voice actress for Michiru in the original anime and has performed all of Michiru's image songs. Katsuki-san has also voiced over several Japanese-dubbed versions of USA television shows, commercials, games and drama CDs.

Some of Katsuki Masako's more well known anime roles include Tsunade in Naruto, Yamato/Cassidy in Pokemon, Klaud Nine in D.Gray-man, Cecilie von Spitzweg in Kyo kara Maoh!, and many more.

Katsuki-san does an amazing job of portraying Michiru. While Michiru in the anime can be a little colder and less gentle than she is in the manga at times, Katsuki-san still gives Michiru a very warm and elegant air that we would come to expect from her character. The subtle flirting she does as Michiru is just amazing and she plays off of Ogata Megumi's performance as Haruka very well.

Barbara Radecki

Michiru's English voice actress.

Barbara Radecki is another Canadian actress who is more known for her live action roles in various television series in North America. Her role in Sailor Moon is primarily as Michiru ("Michelle"), but she performed several other minor roles in the series including Queen Serenity. She apparently stated in an interview that she and Sarah Lafleur recorded their dialogue in the soundbooth together, which is quite rare.

Radecki's performance as Michiru is also somewhat flat, though it's not as bad as Lafleur's performance as Haruka. She comes across as sounding somewhat like a valley girl, especially when she's caught drooling over "hunky" guys. Hearing awful 90's style teeny bopper slang come out of Michiru's mouth is horrifying, to say the least, as it completely butchers her character. The talented and elegant Michiru is changed into being the valley girl Michelle.