Tools of the Trade

Sailor Uranus' items.

Space Sword
First Appears: Act 30 The second of the three talismans to appear, we don't realise Sailor Uranus is in possession of the Space Sword until quite some time after Sailor Neptune says that she has the Deep Aqua Mirror. Uranus reveals she has this talisman when she uses it to save Sailor Mercury from Viluy and her daimons. Not only does she use this as the focal point for her Space Sword Blaster attack, she also uses it as an actual sword.

When brought together with Neptune's Deep Aqua Mirror and Pluto's Garnet Orb, the three talismans act as a summons for Sailor Saturn. It would seem that Uranus has always been and always will be in possession of the Space Sword.

The sword itself looks very much like a 17th century English sword with an ornate hilt and long pointed, silvery blade.

Anime (90's): The Space Sword has a considerably shorter red blade with a jeweled sheath.

Tenoh Maru
First Appears: Act 27
Haruka's private helicopter. She uses it to go to and from her penthouse apartment and the Infinity Academy. It is unknown what happens to it after she abandons her apartments.

Uranus Crystal
First Appears: Act 44
The Uranus Crystal is the source of all of Sailor Uranus' powers. The original heart-shaped crystal is given to her by a newly re-awakened Hotaru, so that she may once again transform after her powers disappeared at the end of the Infinity act. Although it was Super Sailor Moon who granted Haruka the ability to turn into Super Sailor Uranus through the power of the Holy Grail, it is the Uranus Crystal that allows her to transform into this form on her own.

Later, through the use of the Holy Grail once again, Eternal Sailor Moon grants Sailor Uranus a new form; her crystal changes into a star and she is transformed into Sailor Star Uranus.

Uranus' Lip Rod
First Appears: Episode 106
Haruka uses this rod to transform into Sailor Uranus. It first appears to her out of thin air when she's being attacked by a daimon. It isn't until she claims the item for herself that she becomes Sailor Uranus. If she does not have this item on her, she's unable to transform.

The Lip Rod is a light blue stick with a dark blue orb on the end. On top of the orb is a golden star and two intersecting rings that form a "v" shape.

Uranus' Communication Watch
First Appears: Episode 96
Haruka is seen using this watch to communicate with Michiru. The band is a series of golden discs and the watch itself is a blue and gold clam shell, emblazoned with the symbol of Uranus.

Tools of the Trade

Sailor Neptune's items.

Deep Aqua Mirror
First Appears: Act 27
The Deep Aqua Mirror is the first of the three talismans to make an appearance. We see Michiru carrying it with her quite often, stating it has the ability to reflect one's past lives. It seems that the mirror tends to enhance Michiru's psychic abilities and can also act as a teleportation device (Act 45 & Lover of Princess Kaguya). We don't learn it's actually a talisman until quite later, when she reveals it as such to Chibi-Usa. Sailor Neptune uses this in her Submarine Reflection attack.

In the manga, the mirror itself is very ornate and elegant; the frame is golden and has a woman figure delicately wrought into the framework. The backside is flat with a simple ring of flowers inscribed into the metal.

Since the days of the past Silver Millenium, Sailor Neptune has always been in possession of the Deep Aqua Mirror.

Anime (90's): The Deep Aqua Mirror looks mostly the same but a lot less detailed and has Neptune's symbol on its back.

Kaioh Maru
First Appears: Act 27
Michiru's private helicopter. Like Haruka, she uses it to travel back and forth between her apartments and the academy. Michiru has the ability to pilot this helicopter and at one point, she uses it to give Chibi-Usa a ride home.

Marine Cathédrale
First Appears: Act 27
This is Michiru's extremely expensive Stradivarius violin, named after her castle on Neptune. She's seen playing it through-out the anime and manga and is expertly skilled with it. She also uses it for her manga-only attack, "Submarine Violin Tide."

Neptune Crystal
First Appears: Act 44
This is Michiru's heart-shaped sailor crystal, the origin of her powers as Sailor Neptune. During the Dream arc, she learns that she is unable to transform into Sailor Neptune until Hotaru restores her crystal to her. She is able to transform freely into Super Sailor Neptune, a form granted to her originally by Super Sailor Moon's use of the Holy Grail.

This is Michiru's Sailor Crystal, received from Hotaru. It is the source of Sailor Neptune's powers and is used by her to transform into Super Sailor Neptune and later into Sailor Star Neptune.

Neptune's Lip Rod
First Appears: Episode 106
Michiru uses this transformation rod to turn into Sailor Neptune. We never learn just how Michiru comes into possession of this item.

Neptune's Lip Rod is a light blue stick with a dark turquoise crescent at the end. A lighter turqoise disc intersects the center of the crescent at a diagonal angle and there's a golden star on the very top.

Neptune's Communication Watch
First Appears: Episode 96
Michiru uses this to communicate with Haruka. Her watch is identical to Haruka's, but has a dark turquoise motif rather than a blue one and has the symbol of Neptune on it.