Sky Coloured Oceans

Portrait of the Sea: Colour Manga

Colour manga illustrations.

This section features full colour illustrations of Michiru alone, by Takeuchi Naoko herself. Most of these can be found in the various Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon artbooks. There are 7 images in this section.

Portrait of the Sky: Anime (90's)

Images from the 90's anime series.

These images feature illustrations of Haruka based on her character design from the original anime series. The first half of the gallery are high resolution scans of various trading cards and the rest is from an assortment of artbooks, DVD covers and other related merchandise. There are 43 images in this section.

Portrait of the Sky: B&W Manga

Black and white scans from the manga.

The following are high resolution images of Haruka alone, taken from the kanzenban edition. There are 53 images in this section.