Sky Coloured Oceans

Places of Import

The places where Haruka & Michiru spend their time.

Infinity Academy
First Appears: Act 27.
This is the elite school that Haruka and Michiru attend when they make their first appearance. The school is founded by Professor Souichi Tomoe, and is the base of operations for the villainous Death Busters. Haruka and Michiru suspect that not all is right with the Academy, so they enroll as students in order to investigate. They are quite successful in their subterfuge until their cover is blown when they aid Mizuno Ami in her escape from the enemy.

Michiru has several violin concerts on site at the Academy during her enrollment. The school itself not only hosts two generous concert halls, but 60 floors of educational facilities that play host to students from preschool to graduate school.

Tenoh Tower First Appears: Act 27
The Tenoh Tower is the largest of the three skyscrapers surrounding the Infinity Academy. Haruka lives in unit 1127 and claims that rent is about 1 million yen.

At one point, Usagi follows Haruka home and visits her (though is never invited in). Haruka's apartment is the also site of Cyprine's initial attack, where she shatters the large glass windows and destroys a lot of furniture, much to Haruka's later annoyance.

When Haruka departs with Michiru and Setsuna to raise infant Hotaru, her apartments are already mysteriously abandoned.

Kaioh Tower First Appears: Act 27
The Kaioh Tower is one of the three skyscrapers surrounding the Infinity Academy. Michiru has claimed unit 1306 as her own. Rent for her apartments is likely around the same as Haruka's (1 million yen).

When we first see Michiru, she is swimming in a full size pool. This is likely a shared space in the condominium tower and not in her actual apartment. When Michiru leaves with Haruka and Setsuna to raise Hotaru, her condominium is completely abandoned.

Miranda Castle First Appears: Act 41 (mentioned), 53 (shown).
The castle that was given to Princess Uranus by Queen Serenity. It's named after the smallest of Uranus' inner moons. The castle itself orbits Uranus and appears as a tall spire, encased in a large, ornate spiral staircase.

Triton Castle First Appears: Act 41 (mentioned), 53 (shown).
Named after the largest of Neptune's moons, Queen Serenity gave this castle to Princess Neptune. Triton Castle orbits the planet Neptune and appears as a platform with tall spires that gradually intertwine, forming a narrow, spiraling tower.

Victorian Empire House First Appears: Act 44
After the events of the Infinity arc, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna decide to adopt the newly reborn Hotaru and raise her together in a large, three-story victorian empire house. Where the house is located seems to be unknown but it is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful gardens befitting a house of such splendor.

It is here that Michiru gives regular violin lessons to several children, Hotaru included. We never actually see what becomes of the house, but it's safe to assume that the four continue to live there whenever they return to their civilian lives.

Juuban Municipal High School
Juuban High School is where all of the high-school aged characters get accepted to in the final story arc of the series. Usagi, Minako, Makoto, Ami, Michiru and Haruka attend as do the Three Lights, Yaten, Seiya and Taiki. It's a very prestigious school that requires fairly high grades to get accepted into. Haruka and Michiru are both in a higher grade than the rest of the girls and actually attended this school before they enrolled to Infinity Academy for their investigation.

Michiru loves returning to school life and has a lot of fun with it. Haruka, on the other hand, feels it's not as fun as Michiru does, especially not after they travelled the world in concert and raised a child together. Still, Haruka seems to enjoy her popularity in the track and field club where she helps train other students. Michiru is naturally a member of the music and swimming clubs.