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Dramatis Personæ

Who's who in the Sailor Moon universe.

Many characters are mentioned throughout this site; to avoid confusion for anyone who hasn't read all of the manga, I've listed the cast here for reference. This list pertains only to the third, fourth and fifth arcs of the manga, as these arcs pertain directly to Haruka and Michiru.

Sailor Moon
Tsukino Usagi
Star of the series, Neo-Queen Serenity of the future; soldier of love and justice.
Sailor Mercury
Mizuno Ami
Somewhat of a genius student, always studying; soldier of water.
Sailor Mars
Hino Rei
A shrine maiden who possesses spiritual powers; soldier of flame.
Sailor Jupiter
Kino Makoto
A strong, tall girl who loves cooking, flowers; soldier of thunder.
Sailor Venus
Aino Minako
The infmaous Sailor V, leader of the inner senshi; soldier of love and beauty.
Sailor Chibi-Moon
Tsukino Chibi-Usa
Usagi and Mamoru's daughter from the future; soldier in training.
Sailor Uranus
Tenoh Haruka
Protective, brusque and possesses the Space Sword talisman; soldier of the skies.
Sailor Neptune
Kaioh Michiru
Elegant, artistic and possesses the Deep Aqua Mirror talisman; soldier of the seas.
Sailor Pluto
Meioh Setsuna
Mysterious, ageless, carries the Garnet Orb talisman; soldier of space-time.
Sailor Saturn
Tomoe Hotaru
Last soldier to awaken, herald of death and rebirth; soldier of silence.

Tuxedo Kamen
Chiba Mamoru
Usagi's lover.
Usagi's guardian cat.
Minako's guardian cat.
Luna & Artemis' future daughter.

The Death Busters
The Death Busters are the main nemesis in the Infinity act. Their main goal is to invade and conquer Earth; they are aliens from the Tau star system. In order to do this, the Death Busters would extract the souls of human beings and use their empty husks as vessels for daimons. These daimons were beings from the Tau system and servants of Pharaoh 90; a successful implant would result in a humanoid looking being... a failed implant would result in a monstrous creature. It was Professor Tomoe Souichi's body who provided the first successful daimon. Mistress 9 and the Witches 5 were the only other successful implants afterwards.

Pharoh 90
Leader, from the Tau system.
Mistress 9
Second in command.
Tomoe Souichi
Mad scientist, Hotaru's father.
Leader of the Witches 5.
Arimura Yuko
Witches 5 member.
Hanyu Mimi
Witches 5 member.
Teruno Ruru
Witches 5 member.
Bidou Yui
Witches 5 member.
Witches 5 member.

The Planet Kinmoku
An injured Princess Kakyuu comes to Earth in search of Sailor Moon, in hopes of finding aid in the battle against Sailor Galaxia. Kinmoku, her home planet, was attacked by Galaxia and brought to ruin. Her three protectors, the Starlights, come to Earth in search of her. They're unable to find her right away so they disguise themselves as men and form a popular boy band; the songs they perform are meant to reach out to Kakyuu in hope of finding her.

Generally speaking, Kakyuu and the Starlights act as allies with Sailor Moon and the Solar system senshi, although the outer senshi are generally suspicious of them due to their status as outsiders.

Princess Kakyuu
Sailor Kakyuu
Princess of Kinmoku.
Sailor Star Fighter
Kou Seiya
Soldier of Kinmoku.
Sailor Star Healer
Kou Yaten
Soldier of Kinmoku.
Sailor Star Maker
Kou Taiki
Soldier of Kinmoku.

The Shadow Galactica
Sailor Galaxia is the ruler of an empire she calls the Shadow Galactica. Galaxia's goal is to take all of the sailor crystals in the Milky Way galaxy for herself. By the time she reaches Earth, she's already stolen most of the crystals throughout the galaxy. Under her employ are various soldiers equipped with special golden bracelets that bestow an incredible amount of power to the wearer. These women are mostly false sailor soldiers who murdered their respective guardians in exchange for power and status.

Sailor Galaxia
Leader of the Shadow Galactica.
Sailor Iron Mouse
False soldier from planet Chuu.
Sailor Aluminum Siren
False soldier from planet Mermaid.
Sailor Lead Crow
False soldier from planet Coronis.
Sailor Tin Nyanko
False soldier from planet Mau.
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
False soldier from planet Cocoon.
Sailor Lethe
True soldier from planet Lethe.
Sailor Mnemosyne
True soldier from planet Mnemosyne.
Sailor Chi
Galaxia's Star Gardner, partner to Phi.
Sailor Phi
Galaxia's Star Gardener, partner to Chi.