Sky Coloured Oceans

Love on Paper

Haruka & Michiru's relationship in the manga.

Act 27
When Haruka meets up with Michiru on their way to Infinity Academy, people comment that Michiru is Haruka's girlfriend and that they make a perfect couple.

Michiru comments to Haruka on her initial meeting with Usagi, Haruka asks if she's jealous.

Act 28
Haruka asks Michiru what's wrong; she says that she tried to do some fortune telling with her mirror and it went cloudy. Haruka then embraces Michiru from behind and says what they're doing could be for nothing and they could already be too late. Michiru consoles her and says there's nothing they can do; the wheels of fate have already been set in motion. As they pull away from a kiss, Michiru says that soon "she" will awaken and they'll have all three talismans.

Act 32
Sailor Uranus looks on with deep concern as she apologises to Sailor Moon about getting her mixed up in everything. Sailor Neptune holds Uranus' arm.

In one of the notes on the side, Takeuchi Naoko specifically states that Haruka and Michiru are a couple.

Act 44
Haruka shakes the hand of one of Michiru's fans, thanking him for buying all of her albums, then wraps her arm around Michiru as they leave. People comment that Haruka is Michiru's "boyfriend" and they wonder if they live together. Someone notices the rings on their fingers and wonder if they're married.

Michiru embraces Haruka as she plays a simulation game with Hotaru, comforting her as she misses their princess.

Act 50
Haruka is riding a bicycle to school with Michiru sitting behind her. Michiru has her arms wrapped around Haruka and as she talks about how much she enjoys high school life, she hugs Haruka tightly.

Act 60
As Usagi is reunited with everyone, Michiru is seen hugging Haruka's arm.

The Lover of Princess Kaguya
While talking about how lonely it is without love, Michiru swoons up against Haruka.