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While there aren't many Haruka or Michiru sites left online these days, there's still a nice number of absolutely lovely dedications and tributes to other characters and the series as a whole. When you're done here, please check out these other exceptional sites!

Haruka & Michiru

Destined Hearts (Neptune & Uranus Fanlisting)
Elegance (Neptune Fanlisting)
Kaze ni Naritai (Uranus Fanlisting)

Official Sites
20th Anniversary Project (Japanese)
VIZ Media's Sailor Moon Site (English)

General Sites
Chibi Land (Merchandise)
The Galaxy Cauldron (Forums)
Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Site (General)
Manga Style! (Gallery)
Miss Dream (Translations) (News)
MoonSticks (Fan Comic)
Neo-Nobility (Royal Future)
Sailor Moon World (Italian) (Music)
Ten(Sen)Shi (Link Directory)
The Oracle (General)
The Sailor Senshi Page (General)
Three Lights (Gallery)
Tsuki Matsuri (Gallery)

Other Characters
Ace of Hearts (Kaitou Ace)
Across the Universe (Ail & Ann)
Beautiful Dreamer (Sailor Chibi-Moon)
Black Dove (Sailor Saturn)
By Starlight (Tuxedo Kamen)
Cremare (Sailor Mars)
Crimson Mysteria (Sailor Pluto)
Drop of a Little Hat (Chibi-Moon & Saturn)
Emerald Star (Sailor Jupiter)
Eternal Flame (Sailor Moon)
Evantide (Sailor Saturn)
Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal Papillon) (Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Kamen)
Love Liberty Disco (Sailor Venus)
Memoirs of a Fish (Fisheye)
Moonflower (Sailor Cosmos)
Morning Star (Sailor Venus)
Sacrification (Lethe & Mnemosyne)
Sailor Saturn's Palace (Sailor Saturn)
Serapii-Kisu (Sailor Moon)
Serenitatis (Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Kamen)
Total Venus Destination (Sailor Venus)