Sky Coloured Oceans

Test Your Knowledge

A little quiz regarding Haruka & Michiru.

Feel like you know everything there is to know about Haruka and Michiru? Then why not test your knowledge by taking this little quiz. This quiz has been part of Sky Coloured Oceans for a very long time, though I have updated it to better reflect current content. All of the answers can be found somewhere on this site, so make sure to read up if you're having trouble getting a perfect score!

01 - When they first met in the original anime, what was it that Michiru wanted to do with Haruka?
A) Take a ride in Haruka's car.
B) Paint Haruka's portrait.
C) Take a walk in a park.
D) Go on a date.

02 - In the manga, Michiru and Haruka use Lip Rods to transform into Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.
A) True
B) False

03 - In her past life, Haruka was which of the following:
A) The prince of Uranus.
B) The princess of Uranus.
C) Sailor Uranus
D) Both b and c.

04 - Michiru is not known for which of the following:
A) Playing the violin.
B) Swimming.
C) Painting.
D) Writing.

05 - What are the names of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's talismans?
A) Deep Aqua Mirror & Silence Glaive
B) Garnet Orb & Space Sword
C) Space Sword & Deep Aqua Mirror
D) Silence Glaive & Garnet Orb

06 - In the manga, how many times does Haruka kiss Usagi?
A) Only once as Sailor Uranus.
B) Twice; once as Sailor Uranus and once as Haruka.
C) Three times; once as Sailor Uranus and twice as Haruka.
D) Never.

07 - Infinity Academy is the first high school that Haruka and Michiru attend.
A) True
B) False

08 - In the manga, what is originally decorating Sailor Neptune's choker?
A) A gemmed brooch.
B) A golden star.
C) Nothing.
D) Neptune's planetary symbol.

09 - What is Michiru's relation to Haruka?
A) They are cousins.
B) They are sisters.
C) They are lovers.
D) They are best friends.

10. Where were Sailor Uranus and Neptune when the Moon Kingdom and Dark Kingdom were at war?
A) They were watching and laughing.
B) They were brainwashed by the enemy.
C) They were unable to leave their distant posts.
D) They were too busy making out to notice.