Keeping Up Appearances: Uranus

Haruka's various outfits and uniforms.

Tenoh Haruka
Aged 16 in her first appearance, this is the identity that Sailor Uranus assumes when she's reincarnated into the 21st century on Earth. She often wears men's clothing and has a boyish demeanor, so many people often believe she actually is a man. This is especially true when she would often wear the male high school uniform for Infinity Academy. Later, when attending Juuban High School with the other sailor soldiers, she chooses to wear the female uniform instead.

Haruka is the second tallest of the soldiers, after Setsuna.

Fashion-wise, Haruka dresses either ambiguously or fairly feminine. Often she wears button-up tops with only the top few buttons done up, leaving her midriff exposed. She also tends to wear leather often as well.

Sailor Uranus
Manga: The first outfit we see Sailor Uranus in, this uniform is identical to Sailor Neptune's and differs only in minor ways from the rest of the sailor soldiers. Her gloves reach about half-way up her forearms, she wears small, golden hoop earrings, there are no stripes on her collar and she wears slouched high heel boots.

Her entire uniform is dark blue in colour, with the exception of the yellow bow on her chest.

"Uranus Planet Power, Make-up!" is the phrase Haruka uses to change into this form. We see her in it until the end of the Infinity arc and throughout the Dream arc. She can use both "World Shaking" and "Space Sword Blaster" in this form.

Anime (90's): Uranus' anime outfit is identical to that shown in the manga. The only noticeable difference is that she wears make up in the anime and can only use "World Shaking" while in this form.

Super Sailor Uranus
While Sailor Uranus' uniform differed from the other soldiers', it becomes more unified when she becomes Super Sailor Uranus. She gains transparent sleeves, her gloves now reach her elbows, her choker has a gold star on it and the ribbons on her back bow are longer.

The brooch on her chest is now heart-shaped instead of circular, to reflect the upgrade to her Uranus Crystal. To transform into this form, Haruka shouts "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-up!"

Anime (90's): This form is nearly identical to its manga equivalent, though Uranus' gloves remain shorter like they are in her original uniform. We also never see her transformation sequence.

Eternal Sailor Uranus
The third and final power-up to Sailor Uranus, this new uniform sports puffy sleeves, a double layer skirt, a v-shaped choker, a double ribbon waistband, knee high white boots, a star-shaped gem for her tiara, a star-shaped brooch and longer gloves that reach half-way up her upper arms.

Uranus' main colour remains blue but she gains a second accent colour: light blue. The lower layer of her skirt and the puffy section of her sleeves are light blue. Her front bow remains yellow but her back bow is now light blue.

Haruka uses the same "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-up!" phrase to turn into this form, but she uses a powered up, star-shaped Uranus Crystal in place of her previous heart-shaped one.

This form never has a name attributed to it, but since her uniform is tantamount to Eternal Sailor Moon's, fans refer to it as "Eternal Sailor Uranus". Fans also refer to it as "Sailor Star Uranus."

Princess Uranus
Salior Uranus' true identity in the past Silver Millenium was Princess Uranus. In this form, she wears a dress the same dark blue as her sailor soldier uniform, with long, light blue trails in the back. The dress itself is a column-style base with a scoop neck, thin shoulder straps and another pair of straps on either side of her torso. She also wears a dark blue ribbon tied with large loops around her neck and a long pendant bearing the symbol of Uranus in gold.

Keeping Up Appearances: Neptune

Michiru's various outfits and uniforms.

Kaioh Michiru
Michiru is Sailor Neptune's civilian identity that she uses after being reincarnated into the 21st century on Earth. She is 16 when she first appears although she looks much older due to her air of maturity as well as her elegant beauty. She's slightly shorter than Makoto, making her the fourth tallest of the soldiers.

While attending Infinity Academy, Michiru wears the summer and winter female uniforms, as well as the female uniform for Juuban High School later on. She always wears her hair tied back with a simple black ribbon while she's in school uniform.

Michiru is very much a fashionista, wearing very feminine, artsy clothing and uses expensive cosmetics. She seems to favour patterned dresses and blouses.

Sailor Neptune
Neptune's sailor uniform is the same as the other sailor soldiers' uniforms, with a few notable exceptions: there are no stripes on her collar, her gloves only reach about half-way up her forearms and she has a circular brooch attached to her choker. She wears D'Orsay-style high heels with ballerina-esque ankle straps and the planet Neptune dangles from her earrings.

Her main colour is a deep turquoise, emanating the colour of the ocean. The bow on her chest and on her back are both navy blue.

Michiru shouts "Neptune Planet Power, Make-up!" to change into this uniform and it is the first outfit we see Neptune in. She uses it throughout the Infinity arc. She's able to use both "Deep Submerge" and "Submarine Reflection" attacks while in this form.

Anime (90's): The anime version of Neptune's uniform is identical to the one she wears in the manga. She can only use "Deep Submerge" while in this form, however.

Super Sailor Neptune
Super Sailor Neptune is Michiru's first powered up transformation. Her once circular brooch is now heart-shaped, reflecting the upgraded Neptune Crystal that was given to her by Hotaru. Her uniform now has transparent sleeves, elbow-length gloves and longer ribbons on her back bow. The brooch on her choker is now a golden star.

Michiru shouts "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-up!" to turn into Super Sailor Neptune.

Anime (90's): Although Super Sailor Neptune appears in the anime, we never see Michiru transform. Her gloves remain as short as they are in her original Sailor Neptune uniform.

Eternal Sailor Neptune
Neptune's final form sports puffy sleeves, a double layer skirt, a v-shaped choker, gloves that reach half-way up her upper arms, a double ribbon waistband, knee high boots and a star gem on her tiara.

Eternal Sailor Neptune's brooch is also star-shaped, replacing her heart-shaped one. This reflects the upgrade to her Neptune Crystal. She shouts "Neptune Crystal Power, Make-up!" to turn into this powered-up version of Sailor Neptune.

While the main colour of her outfit remains deep turquoise, her new accent colour is a lighter turquoise. Her lower skirt layer, puffy sleeve and back bow are light turquoise while her front bow remains navy blue.

"Eternal Sailor Neptune" is the fan-made name given to this form, as it's never given a proper title in any series. "Sailor Star Neptune" is another name that fans frequently use. This second name likely refers to the season in which it most often appears, as the "super" versions appear in "SuperS."

Princess Neptune
The princess of Neptune sports an elegant turquoise, mermaid style dress with a surplice cut neck line and thin straps held together with golden clasps bearing Neptune's planetary symbol. She has a pair of lighter turquoise trains on either side of her dress. Around her neck she wears a plain, tear-drop pendant and a thin, darker turquoise ribbon that matches the rest of the dress.