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Sky Coloured Oceans: FAQ

Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Below is a list of question and answers regarding myself, this site and its content. If your question is not listed here, please consider contacting me directly.

May I use your site layout(s) for my own purposes?
No. Under no circumstances may you replicate the design and layout of this site.

May I use the images found in your galleries?
Yes. All of the images in my galleries can be considered free for your own use, be it in designs or for your own galleries. The majority of the images were originally free use. The black and white manga images were painstakingly sorted, cropped and resized by myself from the raw scans provided by Miss Dream, but you may feel free to use these for your own purposes. What's the point in having them here if people can't even use them? ♥

What do you consider to be canon material?
With series with many separate canon universes like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I tend to fall back on the very original source material as being the only true canon to base my information on. This includes anything that is written by Takeuchi Naoko or directly approved by or commented on by her. When it comes down to it, the series was her creation and I consider her opinion to be most important.

I consider the 90's anime to be separate canon because it differs from the manga in many different aspects.

So, with that in mind, the primary source of information on this site is based on the manga with supplementary information from the 90's anime. I will eventually add additional information from the Sailor Moon Crystal series too. The important thing is keeping all of these sources separate from one another.

What about the Sailor Moon musicals?
As described above, the musicals are an entirely separate universe from either manga or anime. I have not seen any of the musicals myself so I choose to exclude them entirely from this site. Additionally, writing up this much in depth content is hard enough with two sources!! XD I wouldn't rule out eventually adding information regarding Haruka and Michiru's representation in these musicals, but it wouldn't be anytime soon. I admit I'm not a fan of musicals in general so it may be a while before I ever get around to watching them. ^^;

What are your long term plans for this site?
I seem to go in and out of phases regarding my own personal fan sites, which is to say that there might be years without updates once this site is completely redone. However, since I believed in 2002 that there was nothing else to add to this site and I was clearly wrong, I can safely say that there will be updates somewhere down the road and this site will never be taken offline. It's been around for at least 17 years now, let's see how long it'll keep going!!

I also do plan on adding information regarding Sailor Moon Crystal, but seeing as Haruka and Michiru likely won't appear until the third season, those updates won't come until 2016 at the earliest.