Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Episode 180 - The Brightness of the Calling Stars! Haruka and Michiru's Entry Into the Battle
Michiru and Seiya are alone in Michiru's dressing room after their joint concert.
Seiya: "I want to know much more about you."
Michiru: "Oh, do you? She stands up and lifts her hair up to reveal the zipper on the back of her dress. Then, do you want to help me change?"
Seiya smiles and is about to undo Michiru's zipper when Haruka and Usagi come in.
Haruka: "I'm coming in, Michiru! Haruka is noticeably pissed off when she sees what Seiya is about to do."
Usagi: "Michiru-san! Oh? Seiya!"
Seiya: "Odango! Well, well. You're with a good-looking guy!"
Usagi: "Don't be rude! Haruka-san is--"
Michiru: "--my important partner!"
Seiya: "Oh? You're bad-natured, Michiru."
Seiya extends his hand towards Haruka.
Seiya: "I'm Kou Seiya! Nice to meet you."
Haruka: "Tenoh Haruka."
Haruka goes to take Seiya's hand but she goes to uppercut Seiya instead; he catches her fist."
Seiya: "Nice greeting, eh?"
Haruka: "Go away!"
Seiya: "Well, Michiru-san! Have a nice evening! Visit us later, Odango! See you!"
Michiru is smiling as she watches Haruka's bravado.
Haruka: "Don't let him into your dressing room, okay?"
Michiru: "Oh? Are you jealous?"
Usagi: "Haruka-san, please accept my apology for him. He can be rude, but he's really a nice guy. Please forgive him!"
Michiru: "Haruka is suspicious of strangers. By the way, it's okay to visit him, right?"
Usagi: "Yes, I'm going! I'll see you later!"
Haruka: "Michiru, I was... Michiru presses a finger coyly to Haruka's lips. She turns around and lifts her hair up again."
Michiru: "Now, do you want to help me?"

Episode 181 - Seiya and Usagi's Heart Pounding Date
Haruka and Michiru (wearing matching outfits no less) find Usagi waiting alone in a park.
Haruka: "What are you doing here?"
Usagi: "Haruka-san!"
Michiru: "Haruka! Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!"
Usagi: "Pigeons?"
Haruka: "Are you on a date?"
Michiru: "Yes, you are!"
Usagi: "Yeah. Oh... well, Seiya asked me to go somewhere today."
Haruka: "Seiya? He just indiscriminately approaches women. Don't be too open-minded! It's too late after you're caught by a wolf, my little kitten."
Usagi: "Oh please! We're not like that!"
Michiru: "Haruka doesn't care for popular men!"
Haruka: "Hey!"
Michiru: "I know, I know! Bye! Michiru hangs on to Haruka's arm and drags her off."
Haruka: "Ouch! You're hurting me, Michiru!"
Michiru: "Am I?"
Haruka: "I want you to touch me gently!"
Michiru: "Later, when we're alone!"
Usagi: Blushing. "That's an adult mood, isn't it?"

Episode 184 - Just a Night for Us! Usagi's Pinch
Haruka's car breaks down outside Usagi's home.
Michiru: "Wait, this house is hers, isn't it?"
Haruka: "Yes, it is. Shall we stop by to kill some time?"
Michiru: "I'm not bored when I'm with you!"

Episode 194 - Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend
Haruka and Michiru are sitting in Haruka's car, having tea.
Haruka: "Too sweet."
Michiru: "Oh? It's the same as always, two spoons of sugar."
Haruka: "I'm talking about our princess! The Light of Hope or whatever, it'll be her who gets hurt in the end."
Michiru: "The enemy's target is her Star Seed, isn't it?"
Haruka: "It's getting cold, isn't it?"
Michiru: "Do you want me to warm you up?"
Haruka: Grinning. "Well then, would you give me another? Black please!"
Michiru: "Yes, of course!"