Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Episode 167 - Resurrection of the Queen of Darkness! When Scattered Flowers Create Nightmares
Michiru and Haruka are at an aquarium together.
Haruka: "You really like it here."
Michiru: Looks at Haruka. "Watching this makes me feel calm. I could do it forever."
Haruka: "As for me, I feel most calm when I'm gripping a steering wheel."
Michiru: Giggles. "Dummy, I wasn't talking about the fish."

Haruka: "So, you wanted to talk?"
Michiru: "Incredible shooting stars!"
Haruka: "Yeah, really impressive."
Michiru: "Earlier I felt some dark energy coming from around the moon..."
Haruka: "A new enemy?"
Michiru: "I don't know... It disappeared too quickly..."
Haruka: "It must be that the Earth's gravity has caught a lot of fragments."
Michiru: "You sure are optimistic today."
Haruka: "Michiru, if they don't show up on your mirror, they must not be very powerful."
Michiru: Skeptical. "Are you joking?"
Haruka: "That's not it. I just believe in you."

Haruka is cut by a falling piece of glass; her hand bleeds.
Michiru: "Haruka!"
Haruka: "Something stung me..."
Michiru: "Let me see..."
She takes Haruka's hand in her own and presses her lips gently to Haruka's cut to suck out the shard.

Uranus is knocked off the side of a building; Neptune grabs her hand just in time but struggles to keep her from falling.
Neptune: "You've been eating too many sweets lately."
Uranus: "I don't listen to that kind of talk outside of bed."

Episode 168 - Gathered Warriors! The Awakening of Sailor Saturn
As Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna watch Hotaru replicate the creation of the universe, Michiru leans up against Haruka and places her hand on her shoulder affectionately.

Episode 179 - Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Soldiers
Michiru and Haruka are at the beach, leaning up against the hood of Haruka's car and watching the sunset. Haruka has her hand on top of Michiru's.
Michiru: "A new wave is coming, right?"
Haruka: "This could be the biggest one we've ever seen."
Michiru: "Our battle seems endless, doesn't it?"
Haruka: "I don't care, as long as I'm with you."
Michiru leans up against Haruka and rests her head on her shoulder.