Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Special Episode 2 - Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show
Michiru and Haruka are on holiday at an estate. Michiru is drinking wine alone at a ventriloquist performance; she returns to her hotel room where Haruka is in bed, sick with fever. A maid is tending to her.
Maid: "You're rather drenched in sweat. Though it appears your fever is down. Would you like some room service for dinner?"
The maid moves to pull her hand away but Haruka stops her.
Haruka: "If you bring me the dinner yourself."
Maid: Blushing. "I will..."
Haruka: "Thanks. I sure am lucky to have such a pretty girl wait on me."
Michiru slams the door shut to interrupt the scene.
Michiru: "Thank you. I'll take over things from here."
Maid: Embarrassed. "Yes! Excuse me!"
Haruka: Embarrassed. "Wow, you're back early!"
Michiru: Grins wickedly. "Looks like you've gotten better."
Haruka: Sheepish. "Yeah but I think my fever is still around. Did you find anything?"
Michiru: Looks at Haruka skeptically. "I did sense an evil presence..."
Haruka: "Oh! Sorry I'm sick at a time like this. I'm sorry to bother you."
Michiru gently applies a cloth to Haruka's forehead.
Michiru: Scolding. "If you'd just stay asleep in bed, you wouldn't exactly 'bother' me."
Haruka: "Well... I wonder what category it is? The 'evil presence.'"
Michiru: "..."
Haruka: "You know, I can't exactly sense anything when I'm sick."
Michiru shakes her head in disbelief.
Michiru: "It's a different breed from the evil of the Death Busters. If it were an evil from outside the Solar System, we would be able to sense it more intensely. But... ever since the eclipse, I've felt it."
Haruka: "Something is trying to stir up again. Crisis might be closing in on the Earth."

Neptune breaks in to rescue Haruka, who is being held captive by the enemy.
Ventriloquist: "Unfortunately, you cannot lay a hand on me now."
Neptune: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Ventriloquist: "I have the Spirit Sealing Bottle in my hands. Do you know what will happen if this bottle is broken? The shadows of everyone on this planet will attack their respective masters."
Neptune: "You have no proof that this story is true."
Ventriloquist: "You have no proof that my story is NOT true."
Neptune clenches her fist...
Ventriloquist: "Being an ally of justice sure has its drawbacks. Just hold that pose while I drain the energy out of your friend here. If you so much as twitch, I'll break this bottle."
Neptune: "Deep Submerge!"
The bottle is smashed to bits.
Neptune: Smirks. "Well then, have all the shadows of Earth sprung to attack yet?"
Ventriloquist: "How? How did you know I was lying?"
Neptune: "Oh... you were lying?"
Ventriloquist: "You bitch! You would have destroyed the world to save your friend? And you call yourself an ally of justice?"
Neptune: "Oh dear, how did you fall to that false conclusion? A world without Haruka isn't worth saving."

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie
Uranus: "A world where children never grow up?"
Neptune: "There are so many more fun things to do as adults!" She looks at Uranus. "They really don't need to do this."
Uranus turns red and coughs.