Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Episode 107 - Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibi-Usa's First Love
Haruka: "Hey, where'd you get those flowers from?"
Michiru: "Does it bother you?"
Haruka: "A little..." Michiru giggles and Haruka smirks. "Is it a gift from your boyfriend after all?"
Michiru: "Of course."
Haruka: "Oh? I didn't know there was a guy clueless enough to be your suitor, Michiru."
Michiru: "It's rather unusual that you would be jealous, Haruka..."
Haruka: "I'm not jealous at all. It's just that I can't allow you to look at anyone else, Michiru."
Michiru: Almost laughing. "Haruka... that's called jealousy."

Episode 110 - Death of Uranus and Neptune? A Talisman Appears!
Haruka is looking sadly at her hands.
Haruka: Thinking: "These hands have been tainted now... No matter what methods I take and what sacrifices I make, I will make sure to get ahold of the talismans." Michiru comes to Haruka's side. "Michiru?"
Michiru looks sad and takes Haruka's hand in her own.
Haruka: "Hey... what's wrong?"
Michiru: "Haruka." She smiles and looks into Haruka's eyes. "It's alright. I like your hands."

Neptune is strung up with thorns. Uranus runs to her.
Uranus: "NEPTUNE!!"
Several arrows fly from the wall, hitting Uranus and knocking her down.
Eudial: Laughing. "You fell for it! Fool, when someone other than myself walks across this bridge, they receive divine punishment!!"
Uranus: "Divine... punishment..?"
Eudial: "Don't worry. I haven't pulled out Neptune's talisman yet. I must pull the talisman out of another person first..."
Uranus: "Another owner of a talisman?!"
Eudial: "I mean YOU! She points her gun at Uranus' chest. I'm talking about your heart... The one that tried to save the world without fear of soiling one's hands."
Neptune: "Waking up, she sees Eudial standing over Uranus. Uranus..."
Uranus: "Talismans are sealed within pure hearts... There's no way I could be holding a talisman."
Eudial: "You'll see soon enough, although with those wounds, the force from this gun will kill you."
Neptune pulls free of the thorns binding her.
Neptune: "URANUS!"
Neptune runs across the bridge, to Uranus' horror, and is attacked by several arrows.
Neptune: "Haruka... I won't let you die..."
Uranus: "Wait, Neptune!! Don't move!"
Neptune steps forward and is hit by another barrage of arrows. She collapses.
Uranus: "NEPTUNE!!"
Neptune gets up and steps forward again.
Neptune: "Haruka..."
There are no more arrows left, so as Neptune approaches, Eudial shoves her gun into Neptune's chest and pulls the trigger. Uranus watches on in horror, thinking back to earlier when michiru was lovingly holding her hand. The Deep Aqua Mirror appears from Neptune's pure heart.
Eudial: "So this is a talisman. I'll take yours next!"
Uranus: "We are the ones in whom the talismans were sealed... Oh, Messiah... Is this the punishment we get?"
Usagi appears and Uranus almost mistakes her for the Messiah.

Episode 124 - The Horror of the Approaching Shadow! Eight Guardians in Tough Battle
Uranus: "We have no time left... We have to strike before she completely awakens."
Neptune grips Uranus' hand in her own.
Uranus: "So there was no Messiah after all. We have to save the world with our own hands. No matter what sacrifice we have to make..."

Episode 126 - A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars
Haruka and Michiru are in a cafe, Michiru is bottle-feeding infant Hotaru.
Haruka: Smiles. "You look so picturesque."
Michiru: "Perhaps it would be nice for the three of us to live peacefully like this as a family."
Haruka: "Come on..!" Laughs. "Well, it's time."
Michiru: "Yes. It's time for farewells, baby..."