Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Episode 106 - The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus
This entire episode is about Haruka and Michiru's first encounter with each other. This story is never provided in the manga; we actually have no idea how Haruka and Michiru met in the manga, though it seems that since they have their full memories when we meet them, they were likely reincarnated together.

The story starts with Usagi and the inner senshi visiting Juuban High School where they meet a popular runner, Elsa Gray. While Elsa talks about her running, she starts reminiscing about never being able to beat Haruka on the race track. She claims Haruka was like the wind. When the girls leave, Eudail shows up to steal Elsa's pure heart. The inner senshi intervene and fight Eudail's daimon. Haruka is lurking nearby and contacts Michiru to tell her what's happening. As Elsa has her pure heart extracted, Haruka narrates that she was the one who introduced her to Michiru, before she awakened as Sailor Uranus.

The flashback begins with Haruka recalling her time before she became Sailor Uranus. She was plagued by visions where the world was destroyed and a mysterious sailor suited woman would appear, telling Haruka that together, they must find the Messiah. Haruka snaps out of the vision and must resume her attention to the race she's about to run. Next to her is Elsa, who says she hears Haruka is really fast but she won't lose. Haruka thinks that she was running from her destiny at the time... she would run to keep from being bored, but motor racing was the only think that kept her interest.

Elsa meets Haruka after the race and introduces her to Michiru; a prodigeous girl who is also a fantastic painter. Michiru comments that Haruka hasn't broken a sweat at all and asks if she was holding back. Michiru then asks her if she can hear the sound of the wind rustling, which makes Haruka realise that Michiru is the girl in her visions... and that Michiru knew exactly who she was too. Haruka reflects that she wasn't ready to accept her destiny as a soldier because she knew that once she did everything would change.

Haruka: "So, what do you want with me?"
Michiru: "Will you be a model for one of my drawings?"
Haruka: "I'll pass. I don't like stuff like that."
Michiru looks deeply let down.

Later, aboard a cruise ship, Michiru is performing the violin while Haruka is a passenger, listening to the commentary of the people around her. People comment that Michiru must be popular but apparently doesn't make many friends. Another person says they hear that she doesn't like people. Haruka gets up to leave and Michiru watches sadly.

Haruka is in one of the hallways, looking at a large painting titled "The End of the World."
Michiru: "Did you find it to your liking? Thank you for coming here tonight. Tenoh Haruka-san, the prodigious racer."
Haruka: "You seem to know quite a bit about me. This piece... did you paint it?"
Michiru: "You're rather famous. There are a lot of freakish fans of yours at my school as well... One of them is a girl, but she says she still wants to go cruising along the beach in your car."
Haruka: "The end of the world, huh? I'm surprised that a well-to-do girl who can't even kill one bug can draw such a tragic fantasy. "
Michiru: "It's not a fantasy! I can see that scene clearly! Just like you can..."
Haruka: "This is stupid. I'm Tenoh Haruka, the first junior racer in Japan. Memories of my previous life or the end of the world have nothing to do with me. If someone has to do it, then you can do it. I would like you to stop investigating me like that, though."
Michiru clutches her hands tightly.
Michiru: "Don't say such selfish things like that! I don't want to do it either... I also have a dream, to become a violinist. I can't do something stupid like saving the world from destruction."

Sometime later, Haruka discovers a student in a garage who turns into a daimon. She tries to fight it off but is overpowered. Just as the daimon is about to lunge at Haruka, her transformation stick appears out of thin air... she's drawn to it and just as she's about to grab it, Michiru tells her not to hold it or else she'll never return to a normal life. She then holds her own lip rod up and turns into Sailor Neptune, and attacks the daimon.

Haruka: "You can't! He was human until just a few minutes ago! Are you all right doing this? This is murder!"
Neptune: "The silence is approaching... If I don't do this, there will be even more victims!"
Haruka: "Are you saying that's why you don't care how you accomplish it?!"
Neptune: "That's right! I don't care what means I use!"
Haruka: "Are you really satisfied--"
The daimon rises up behind Haruka and Neptune leaps in the way, pulling Haruka to safety. She's injured badly.
Neptune: "Deep Submerge!"
The daimon is destroyed and the human returns to normal. Haruka holds Neptune.
Neptune: "Where's the monster?"
Haruka: "He turned back into a human. He's alright."
Neptune: Concerned. "I might have killed him. No... next time, I'm sure I'll kill. It's not that I'm fine with it. But I am a soldier... Because I chose to do this."
Haruka: "Then why did you cover for me just now? If you hurt your hand, you wouldn't be able to become a violinist."
Neptune: "I.. I didn't investigate you because you were the other soldier. It goes back much further than when I realised you were the one. I was watching you in your first race from close by. I wanted to cruise along the beach in your car... just once... A look of realization dawns on Haruka's face. You don't rely on anyone at all and you are always honest about your feelings."
Haruka: "I'm not honest at all... I keep running away."
Neptune: "I know about you more than you do because I've always been watching you. You are the one person I don't want to see walking the same path that I did... But when I realised that you were the one... I was happy. Michiru's eyes well up with tears. I'm sorry... I didn't mean to tell you all this. I'm sorry..."
A look of determination appears on Haruka's face and she looks at her lip rod on the ground.

The scene returns to the present; Michiru has joined Haruka and they both transform into Sailor Neptune and Uranus (first time their transformations appear). They attack Eudail and knock Elsa's pure heart out of her hand. Eudail leaves the fighting for her daimon. Uranus catches the daimon and Neptune uses "Deep Submerge" to weaken it (Uranus jumping out of the way just in time) and Sailor Moon finishes it off.

Haruka is taking Michiru for a drive along the beach in her car. She glances over at Michiru.
Haruka: "I'm glad I was able to meet you."
Michiru: "What?"
Haruka: "Let's cruise together like this forever. I won't let you go home tonight."
Michiru: "Oh my!" Both giggle.