Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Episode 98 - Save Friends! Moon and Uranus Join Forces
Neptune: "Uranus, run away for now! You need to stay alive and complete our mission!"
Uranus turns to leave, but Neptune is thrown off the side of a cliff.
Uranus: "NEPTUNE!!"
Uranus looks torn and hesitates before leaving with Sailor Moon.

Moon: Don't you care if Neptune dies?!
Uranus: Indicates their handcuffs. "If we go out like this, we'll die!"
Moon: "You're heartless! I thought she was your partner! You really are a cruel person!!"
Uranus: Furious. "What do you know?! Neptune and I made a promise. If something were to happen to either of us, we wouldn't be caught by our emotions to save the other. Whoever survives completes the mission of finding the talismans. That is what the two of us decided."

Episode 99 - The Kindness of a Man! Yuichiro, Heartbroken by Rei?!
Yuuchirou is walking at night and sees Michiru is playing the violin. Haruka joins her.
Haruka: "Michiru... is what we are trying to do worthless?"
Michiru: "Haruka... what's wrong? This doesn't sound like you."
Haruka: "If it's too late no matter what we do... Why are we doing this?"
Michiru takes Haruka's hand in her own.
Michiru: "We started this knowing that. Haruka, the wheels of destiny have already started turning. A new awakening will arrive again very soon. The only thing we can do is collect the three talismans."
Haruka pulls away and looks sadly up at the sky.
Haruka: "For that..."
Michiru embraces Haruka from behind and rests her head on her shoulder.
Michiru: "Even if it means sacrificing everything..."
Haruka holds Michiru's hand.
Haruka: "I'm sorry. My will was weakened by the moonlit night."
Having seen Haruka and Rei together earlier and mistaking them for a couple, Yuuchirou now believes Haruka is cheating on Rei with Michiru.

Episode 101 - Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for Her Birthday
Usagi: "[Mamoru]'s not my boyfriend, or anything, anymore!"
Haruka: "Oh, does that mean I have a chance now?"
Michiru looks dismayed. Michiru: "There you go again, Haruka." She sighs.

Episode 103 - Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis
Usagi convinces Haruka and Michiru to scoop for goldfish at a festival; Haruka scoops one up with ease and gives it to Michiru. Haruka: "Yeah... Aren't you glad we got a cute goldfish?"
Michiru: "Oh? Cute?"
Haruka: "What, are you jealous?"
Michiru: "Perhaps... "