Love In Motion

Examples of Haruka & Michiru's love in the 90's anime.

Episode 92 - A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Tenoh Haruka
Michiru: "You sure got to know them well."
Haruka: "What, are you jealous?"
Michiru: Giggles. "Maybe."

Usagi: "Minako-chan, I think those two are lovers..."
Minako: "I've made up my mind. He's the one! He's the ideal man I've been looking for!"
Usagi: "W-wait a minute, Minako-chan! He already has a girlfriend, see?!"
Minako: "But you didn't ask those two that, did you?!"

Usagi and Minako tail Haruka and Michiru.
Usagi: "They really are lovers after all..."

Michiru splits off from Haruka; Usagi and Minako start talking to Haruka.
Minako: "The person who you were with until a few minutes ago... how is she related to you? What kind of relationship do you have? She's not your lover... right?"
Haruka: "Lovers? Michiru and me?"
Minako: "'Michiru'... so you guys are close enough to not use honorifics?"
Haruka: "Let's see... you could say we're closer than that... But don't give up. You two still have a chance."
Minako: "O-okay..."
Michiru: "Don't be fooled."
Haruka: "Michiru..."
Michiru: "This person always says things like that when cute girls are spotted."
Haruka: "Isn't that a little much to say?"
Michiru: "Oh, is it alright to say that to me? I'll just take what I brought for you and go home."
Haruka: "Come on..."
Minako: "Question! Is Haruka-san your boyfriend?"
Usagi: "Please answer yes or no!"
Michiru: "No."
Minako: "All right! This romance is mine!"

Michiru: "Haruka's dream is to become the top race car driver--"
Haruka: "No. That's not true. It's not a dream... It WAS a dream."
Minako: "It WAS a dream?"
Usagi: "Then what is your dream now?"
Haruka: "To do something that only I can do." Michiru sadly watches Haruka. "And do do that, I will make any sacrifice..." Michiru puts her hand on top of Haruka's. "No matter what I lose... I won't regret it."

Episode 94 - Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle!
Haruka: "So cute, to be dreaming of kisses."
Michiru: "Oh, I think it's romantic. Do both of you know about the first kiss in world history? The first people to kiss in this world were Adam and Eve."
Haruka: "There are many different kisses. The kiss on the back of the hand of someone you look up to. A kiss of friendship on someone's forehead. A kiss on the palm of one's hand to wish for something."
Usagi: "You really know a lot of things, Haruka-san."
Michiru: "In 15th century Italy, it was said that if a young couple kissed, they had to get married."
Inazuki: "They were really strict..."
Michiru: "A first kiss... You want to cherish it." Michiru looks to Haruka; Haruka smiles.

Episode 95 - Leave It to the Moon for Love Aid
Usagi: "Huh? It's Haruka and Michiru."
Rei: "Wonderful!"
Makoto: "I wonder if they're in the contest as well."
Ami: "Two girls together?"
Minako: "But looking at them like this, it's like they really were lovers..."

Michiru and Haruka join a lovers contest when they find out that it's the location of the next daimon attack. The first task is to guess which hand is their lovers. Haruka finds Michiru's hand instantly.
Announcer: "That sure was a fast one! Now, scream out your lover's name!"
Haruka: "What?!"
Announcer: "Can you tell us your lover's name?"
Haruka: "You sure want me to do something really cheap."
Announcer: "I'm begging you. It's just what the script says."
Haruka: "Michiru."

Haruka and Michiru are winning the contest but decide to drop out so Naru and Umino can win instead.
Haruka: "The show is over."
Announcer: "..."
Haruka: "I said the show is over. We'll drop out of this one."
Announcer: "But..."
Haruka: "We weren't taking this seriously to begin with and it looks like we'd win at this rate. True love is what needs to win. Love... Love is everything! So with that..."
Michiru: "Farewell!"